Motel Minders and Relief Managers

Our Services

We can provide a fully comprehensive management service for your holiday accommodation property, seamlessly replacing your own everyday management of the property whilst you enjoy a well-earned break.

We will travel to your property anywhere in New Zealand, and our services can be engaged for periods of between 3 days and 4 weeks depending on your location. We will arrive at your property in time for a handover from you, and we will provide a written report and debrief to you at the end of the assignment.

Our services typically would include but not be limited to:

1. Reception services during opening hours


2. On-line & Phone Booking and Inventory maintenance and control

3. Room cleaning, Preparation and quality control

4. Property Maintenance


Our Rates

We will charge you per day for the term of the assignment, with any part days at each end of the assignment charged pro-rata. Our rates are inclusive of any GST liability.

Our rates start from just $250 per day for the both of us, and are dependent on the number of rooms and reception opening hours.

Subject to the length of the assignment, we may also charge you for our travel expenses to and from your business, either from our home base in Nelson or from/to our previous/next assignment location. This charge will be subject to negotiation and agreement.

We will invoice you weekly in arrears for services rendered, and payment to our bank account is due within 3 days of invoice.

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